Thursday, 11 May 2017

Friday, 17 March 2017

Spellings 17/3/17

Spellings to be tested Friday 24th March

¾ words










Tuesday, 14 March 2017


On Friday 10th March, Year 4 worked as a team to prepare bunting for the shop which you can visit on Saturday March 25th between 10 - 2. Their patience was excellent and they worked conscientiously to complete the bunting. I was bursting with pride with their efforts.

Winifred Holtby Competition

As you may be aware, the children have been making models and they have composed poetry to enter into the School Council competition at Winifred Holtby. The children worked hard with their models and poetry and I will upload some for you to read. We hope someone from Sutton Park will win. Good luck & watch this space!

Maritime fun!

On Thursday 9th March, Year 4 went to the Maritime museum to learn more about Hull's fishing heritage. The children loved it and were very excited!

We completed a workshop where the children had to read and find information from newspaper articles from 1968. Using the information, we completed reports and fed back to the group about what we found out.

The children really enjoyed the experience and enjoyed watching the video clips. We learnt these words too:

trawler - a boat with a net underneath which 'trawls' the bottom of the seabed
the cod - the end of a net which holds all the fish
campaign - to have a clear vision and invite people to agree

We listened to reports from Mary Denness and Chrissie Smallbone about the days they found out about the three trawlers sinking.

This is what some children had to say:

Summer K - "I really enjoyed the visit. I love learning new things and I learnt what a trawler was and what it did."

Libby - "I liked revisiting the maritime museum. I enjoyed looking at the whaling part and enjoyed looking at and touching the artefacts."

Devin - "I've never been to the Maritime museum. I loved looking around and at how the docs have changed. I also enjoyed the films and finding out what it was like to be a trawler man."

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Model Mania

As part of another competition for Winifred Holtby, year 4 have been designing and making models and collages of Hull. The children have loved every part of the Design lessons so far and have been really creative. They have worked well in a group and have used lots of co-operative skills. We will take some photographs for you to see how well they're doing.

Headscarf Campaign Competition!

Wow, what a fantastic first day back in Year 4. In Spring 1, the children in Year 4 drew a range of logos for a local Hull man called Ian who is campaigning for Lillian Bilocca and the women of the headscarf campaign to win a Pride of Britain Award. He set them a challenge to create a new logo for his site which they loved doing.


The children had an opportunity to meet Ian on Tuesday and he came and talked to us all about his petition to get people to sign to say the four inspirational women should be given the award.


The children interviewed him and he chose the winning design for his 'Headscarf Pride' social media site.


Well done Year 4!